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  • FT RBOB Gasoline 10 days to June 16

    US “Not Immune” to Oil Price Hike

    As war rages in Iraq, and oil and gasoline prices rise, the impotence of the US oil boom is exposed.
  • Iraq

    Iraq: Exxon Drilling Could Start Civil War

    Is Iraq about to witness another war over oil?
  • iraq_oil

    The New Iraqi Oil Rush

    It wasn’t meant to be like this. After nearly a decade of war, chaos and bloodshed, the Iraqi oil industry was meant to be controlled by the bureaucrats and politicians from Baghdad. But Big Oil obviously has other ideas, and in the good old-fashioned way it will do deals with anyone it can so long...
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  • Tony_Hayward

    Comeback Kid Hayward Severs Final Link With BP

    Finally after 29 years, Tony Hayward, the former chief executive of BP, will sever all his ties with the oil giant. Although he resigned from being Chief Executive last year in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Hayward has remained on board of its Russian joint venture, TNK-BP. But it has announced that he...
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  • Iraq

    BP Accused of “Backroom Dealings” in Iraq

    The oil industry watchdog PLATFORM has issued a report which exposes the extent to which the British oil giant BP has gained control over one of Iraq’s most lucrative oil fields, the super-giant Rumaila, near the Southern city of Basra. The report, “From Glass Box to Smoke Filled Room – How BP secretly renegotiated its...
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  • libya_oil

    Fuelling the Fire

    All conflicts are about power and who will ultimately exert control over a people and resources. That is why there is a persistent niggle about western intervention in conflicts, and whether there is a humanitarian aim, or one simply about access to resources. The brutal truth is that regime change often comes with an agenda...
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  • Operation Enduring Freedom

    Obama’s War Machine Goes Green

    On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, a report from Oil Change International, entitled A Climate of War, analysed both the greenhouse gas emissions of the war and the costs involved in fighting that war rather than climate change. The report contained many shocking facts but a couple were that the projected total US...
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  • BP’s Future Now Depends on Iraq

    It is no coincidence that on “Tony’s Tour to Rebuild BP’s Battered Reputation”, its CEO Tony Hayward will visit China next week. BP may be getting a kicking in America, but China and Russia remain central to its plans. BP’s embattled chief executive has already met Igor Sechin, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, in Moscow on...
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  • Tony Blair’s link with Iraq oil firm kept secret by watch-dog

    In Washington this morning the big story is political reform of the healthcare system, whereas in London it is once again good –old fashioned political sleaze. Channel 4’s Dispatches programme working with the Sunday Times have carried out a great political sting. They set up a fake lobbying firm and approached various ex-Labour Ministers to...
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  • BP looks to Iraq and long-term to the Arctic

    The headlines from BP’s Strategy presentation yesterday are all about how chief executive Tony Hayward  promised to boost annual profits by $3bn over the next two or three years. In a frank admission, Hayward said that BP’s financial importance over the last few years had not been acceptable and had “some catching up to do.”
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