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  • Shell-nigeria

    Amnesty: Investigate Shell’s “Complicity in murder, rape and torture” in Nigeria

    Amnesty International is calling for an investigation into Shell's complicity in “murder, rape and torture in Nigeria” in the nineties.
  • 15937208_1743256295700454_2531998891212476463_o

    Rubio Still Undecided on Rex

    As we edge ever closer to a full-blown Trump Presidency, there is still an outside chance that oilman Rex Tillerson may not make it through the confirmation process.
  • Burma

    Burma Auctions “Crown Jewels”

    Over 60 foreign companies are preparing to bid for rights to explore for oil or gas in 30 offshore fields in the latest bidding round in Burma, described by the Financial Times as one of the most exciting for years.
  • DSC00195

    Is Oil One Reason For Genocide of Rohingya in Burma?

    Human rights campaigners are warning that further ethnic cleansing in Burma, which is being exacerbated by land clearances due the Shwe Oil Gas pipeline, could be imminent.
  • suitcase_full_of_money

    Extraction and Disclosure

    This is a guest post from Phil Mattera, over at the always vital Dirt Digger’s Digest: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission often behaves like a watchdog with no teeth, but it has just stood up to intense pressure from big business and finally approved two rules that will shine a light on dealings between...
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  • nigeriansoldier

    Shell’s Blood Money Exposed

    Yet more evidence that Shell is still at heart of the vortex of violence that continues in the Niger Delta. Platform, the oil industry watchdog which is based in London, has released a great briefing paper, called Dirty Work, which examines Shell’s security spending in Nigeria. The story is covered in today’s Guardian newspaper. The...
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  • Shell guilty

    Shell Should be Guilty Again

    Although the BP / Deepwater Horizon trial maybe hogging the headlines, another courtroom battle is equally intriguing and important. It is almost 3 years since the trial of Wiwa versus Shell settled for $15.5 million on the eve of the trial. Along with the Wiwa action, there was a parallel legal case, Kiobel Versus Shell,...
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