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  • Trumptopia: US CO2 Emissions Rising; Oceans Dying & Glaciers Vanishing

    You need to forget about Trump's wall. Its what Trump is doing to the climate that matters. It is the effect Trump is having on our oceans that counts. Its what he is doing to the majestic glaciers of the world that is important.
  • “Green New Deal” in US “must be mirrored by a Global Green Deal”

    "The Green New Deal believes that radically addressing climate change is a potential path towards a more equitable economy with increased employment and widespread financial security for all."
  • G20 a “Wasted Opportunity”

    World leaders were quick to call the G20 Summit a success yesterday. Barack Obama hailed the summit “a historic turning point” in the pursuit of world economic recovery. Gordon Brown celebrated the “success”, saying it had announced the creation of a “new world order”. But do you ever get a sense of dreadful déjà vu?
  • The Third Climate Protest of the Week….

    He is known as the “Prince of Darkness”, the ultimate spin doctor who has been at the heart of the New Labour project. And today Lord Mandelson came face to face with the reality of the British government’s pro-aviation expansion policy – literally. Mandelson was hit in the face with a cup of green slime...
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  • Welcome to a Pivotal Year

    Welcome to 2009 – which promises to be a pivotal year in the debate on oil, energy and climate. We have already seen the problems of reliance on foreign oil and gas supplies, with Russia having its yearly spat with Ukraine over payment for gas, and tensions in the Middle East pushing up the price...
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