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    Oil Change International Responds to International Energy Agency’s 2018 World Energy Outlook

    In response to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 2018 World Energy Outlook (WEO), Greg Muttitt, Research Director at Oil Change International, said: "We need the world’s foremost energy modellers to model global success in meeting our climate goals, yet this year’s WEO again emphasizes a business-as-usual pathway to climate failure."
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    Breaking the 2-degree habit: Why 1.5 is critical

    In a landmark special report, the IPCC has today confirmed the urgency and importance of keeping us to 1.5ºC of warming. At around 1º of warming, the world is already experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change; 1.5º would at least give us a chance at avoiding catastrophic tipping points, while well below 2º is the less ambitious, higher-risk threshold. 
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    Nobel Peace Laureates Call on Governor Brown to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Production

    The letter calls on Brown and the state "to become the first major fossil fuel producer to begin a managed and just transition off oil and gas production."
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    The Lofoten Declaration: A new bar for climate leadership

    The Lofoten Declaration calls for no new exploration or expansion of oil, coal, or gas, and a managed decline of the fossil fuel sector. For a good part of the past three decades, climate action has been planned, measured, judged, and implemented based on tackling emissions where they come out of the chimney or the...
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    Countries Must Tackle Fossil Fuel Production to Meet Climate Goals

    Hundreds of Global Organisations Demand Supply-Side Action The Lofoten Declaration calls for a managed decline of the fossil fuel sector. For the text of the declaration and a full list of signatories, visit http://www.LofotenDeclaration.org. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7 SEPTEMBER 2017 Contact: Hannah McKinnon, hannah [at] priceofoil.org Over 220 organizations from 55 countries have released a...
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    Vive la France!

    Unprecedented and “never-before-seen” impacts of climate change are all around us. From Hurricanes’ Harvey and Irma to massive flooding in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal to forest fires burning through the west coast of North America – climate change is here and now, and it is catastrophic. Fortunately, unprecedented and never-before-seen climate policy is also starting...
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    A Nobel Appeal to Norway

    Five Nobel Peace Laureates have called on Norwegian Prime Ministerial candidates to declare their intent to put an end to fossil fuel exploration and expansion. The letter, sent in advance of the country’s national elections in mid-September, is an appeal for climate leadership. But, they are also the world’s seventh largest exporter of emissions. Their...
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    New report: Norway one of world’s largest emissions exporters

    Norway’s plans for fossil fuel development are at odds with its commitments to the Paris climate goals according to a new report. In addition to being the world’s seventh largest emissions exporter, projected oil and gas development in the country are incompatible with global carbon budgets aligned with limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius or 1.5 degrees Celsius.
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    Reaction: Oil Change International responds to Trump pull out from Paris Agreement

    America First? Trump just put America Last in the coming clean energy economy. So ends the so-called ‘American century’ of leadership. The decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement will go down in history as one of the most short-sighted, destructive, and malicious decisions of any American President ever.
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    Oops they did it again

    In our latest briefing, we unravel why U.S. government agencies are setting themselves up for climate failure when assessing the climate impact of fossil fuel decisions, and what they should do about it.
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