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  • tar sands - Europe

    Will Tar Sands Soon Be on Way to Europe?

    As political pressure mounts in the US to lift the country’s decades-old crude oil export ban, Reuters reported yesterday that the US government has recently authorized limited re-exports of foreign crude to Europe for the first time in years. According to data the news agency obtained via Freedom of Information requests, the Department of Commerce...
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  • tar sands to Europe

    Tar Sands Imports to EU Equivalent to Six Million Extra Cars

    As the European Commission continues to deliberate as to whether to adopt its landmark climate change legislation, called the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), there is increasing evidence that planned pipelines in North America could turn Europe into a significant market for the Canadian tar sands.

    The Tar Sands Smoking Gun

    According to a new scientific analysis, many tar sands wells are actually using more energy than they produce.
  • CanEmbassy

    Canada Ignores Climate Warning in Dirty Lobby Campaign

    The day after the world's leading scientists called for urgent action on climate change, the Albertan government dispatched two politicians to Europe to continue their dirty lobby PR campaign against Europe's progressive climate legislation.
  • James Hansen

    Tar Sands Makes Climate Change “Unsolvable”

    One of the world’s leading climate scientists Dr James Hansen has warned British MPs that exploiting the tar sands and oil shale would make the problem of climate change “unsolvable”.
  • MarkJaccard

    Canadian Scientist “Betrayed” Over Tar Sands

    Mark Jaccard, one of Canada's leading energy economists, from British Colombia’s Simon Fraser University, has said that the Canadian government's campaign of aggression and name-calling over the tar sands is not winning it any respect. "I feel betrayed as a Canadian,” he says.
  • Joe Oliver

    Canada’s “Sewer Salesman” Heads to Europe

    One of Canada’s most senior politicians is back in Europe on yet another lobby tour to try and bully politicians there to ditch their landmark climate legislation as it discriminates against the dirty tar sands.
  • Canada - EU Summit

    Protesters Block Tar Sands Conference

    The fourth annual Canada-EU Energy Summit was held yesterday in London at Canada House in London. The event was disrupted by protestors angered at Canada’s aggressive lobbying to undermine European legislation.
  • tar-sands-flag

    Tar sands “could produce $3 trillion”

    Only yesterday I was talking about hype and how the oil industry often plays the long game. The Canadian Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, who has become a real cheer-leader for the tar sands industry, argues that it could generate over than $3 trillion in revenue in 25 years. That is a huge fat...
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  • Tar sands

    Big Oil Approved Canada’s FQD Strategy

    We have known for a long time that the Canadian government was colluding with the oil and gas industry over tar sands and its campaign against Europe’s Fuel Quality Directive (FQD). But new documents have come to light that reveal the extent of that collusion, especially between Big Oil and Natural Resources Canada, the Department...
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