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  • 2014-08-16 10.07.47

    British Frackers Face Mounting Opposition

    It could all be over before it even began. The boom could turn to bust before a well is even drilled. The British fracking industry now faces growing resistance from numerous influential voices.
  • oil-price-drop

    OPEC Wants to “Crush US Shale”

    Just how low can the oil price go? What was unthinkable even a few months ago is now becoming distinctly probable, even likely. As analysts dissect the ramifications for the oil industry of $40 dollar barrel, oil traders are now thinking that the price of crude will halve that to a staggering $20 a barrel. Prices have not been that low for twenty years.
  • gros-morne-national-park-newfoundland

    Don’t Frack Gros Morne National Park

    It is a majestic world heritage site located on the west coast of Newfoundland, which is seen as one of the jewels in Canada’s crown. But it could be under threat from the controversial technique of fracking in the future.
  • White elephant

    KXL Dismissed as “White Elephant” as Senate Vote Looms

    Later today the Senate floor is expected to vote on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, although currently Senators do not have enough votes to override Obama’s promised presidential veto on the issue.
  • Owen Crowley

    Keepin’ it in the Ground: New York Shale Gas by the numbers

    This week’s historic decision by New York Governor Cuomo to ban high-volume fracking in New York State comes as the local health risks of fracking are becoming increasingly clear. The decision followed the release of a long awaited New York Health Department study that acting state health commissioner, Dr. Howard A. Zucker, said had found “significant public...
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  • fracking-future

    Fracking: Now They Want You to Pay

    Not content with polluting our air and water and causing immeasurable harm to both the environment and health, the fracking industry has now come up with a novel idea: the consumer should pay for the polluting process as well.
  • oil price

    Bank of America: $50 A Barrel on Its Way

    The US shale industry faces a Darwinian struggle over the next few months as only the fittest producers will survive as the price of crude plunges to $50 a barrel, the Bank of America has warned.
  • fracking and health

    Fracking Affects Babies and Adult Fertility and Fecundity

    A new peer-reviewed scientific paper, published today in Reviews on Environmental Health, adds to the growing evidence of harm from fracking, especially to women and young children. But men also should be worried too.
  • wall-street

    Banks Face “Dire Scenario” Over Fracking Finance

    For years, the oil industry and its powerful friends in Congress talked of a shale gas utopia where fracking would lead to energy independence in for US.
  • poland-shale-map_2649989c

    Fracking Firms “Fleeing” Poland

    It is billed as Europe’s Number 1 shale gas conference. Next week, over 500 people will descend on Poland for the 5th annual “Shale Gas World Europe” conference.
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