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  • fracking_cancer

    Fracking’s Growing Problem of Radioactive Waste

    With every passing day the downside of America’s burgeoning fracking boom becomes apparent. The industry has done much to portray fracked gas as a clean fuel. But its dirty secrets are slowly and painfully being revealed.
  • frack well

    Frack Wells Emit Up to 1,000 Times More Methane

    New scientific research has been published which torpedoes the idea that shale gas should be seen as a clean bridging fuel.
  • AOTAscreenCapfin

    New video: All of the Above is climate denial

    You may have seen the latest effort to push an All of the Above energy to a younger generation, this time by the GOP (but of course, they’re not the first to do so…ahem, President Obama…). Well, we have our own version we’d like to share with you that we think tells a more accurate...
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  • 1980299_805473909467477_888370832_o

    Don’t Frack California media roundup

    Thousands of Californians rallied in Sacramento on March 15th, calling for Governor Jerry Brown to stop fracking in the state…and the media turned out in force as well. Below is a brief roundup of some of our favorite reports on Don’t Frack California from traditional, new, and social media. (Note: this post will be updated...
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  • fracking-cal2

    Thousands Attend Californian Anti-Fracking Rally

    They came in their thousands from across the Sunshine State. On Saturday, the largest anti-fracking rally and protest in California's history took place in the state capital of Sacramento.
  • “Frack Water” Cologne Ad Exposes Motives Behind Gov. Brown’s Fracking Push

    California Governor Jerry Brown is taking a hit today for his penchant for fracking and dirty energy donations with a new satirical online video launched by Oil Change International (OCI) and Heavy Crude Video. The video is the latest escalation of the Big Oil Brown campaign effort sponsored by OCI, pushing for a ban on fracking for oil and gas in the state.
  • FrackWaterScreenCap

    Frackwater: The latest fragrance from Jerry Brown

    A new video parody, entitled “Frack Water”, portrays a Jerry Brown look-alike outside a southern California oil field accompanied by a California oil industry representative. It's the latest escalation in Oil Change International's "Big Oil Brown" campaign, pushing the governor to impose a ban on fracking for oil and gas in California.
  • Dot-111s

    New Tests Ordered on Crude by Rail

    US regulators reacted to the string of recent crude by rail accidents yesterday by ordering that companies shipping crude out of North Dakota's Bakken fracking fields must undertake extensive testing for signs of dangerous volatility.
  • fracking california

    “The drought is a game changer on fracking”

    California remains gripped in a vice-like drought, with last year being the driest on record in the state. Last month, the situation was so bad that it prompted Governor Jerry Brown to declare that the sunshine state was in a drought emergency. "We ought to be ready for a long, continued, persistent effort to restrain our water use," Brown said.
  • frack_baby_frack

    Second Study Shows Health Link Between Fracking and Babies

    Slowly the science is catching up with fracking. Nearly every month a new scientific paper is published warning of the serious ecological or health harm caused by the controversial process.
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