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  • Smith

    Republicans “Acting at Behest of Big Oil” Trying to Block Investigation of Exxon “Fraud”

    “The American people will wake up tomorrow morning shaking their heads when they learn that a small group of radical Republican house members is trying to block a serious law enforcement investigation of potential fraud at Exxon.”
  • Rex

    Hey Rex: “Real Men – They Discover Renewables”

    The boss of oil giant Exxon, Rex Tillerson, will be an "oil man" until the day he dies. And on yesterday’s performance at the company’s AGM this old oil dinosaur is not going green anytime soon.
  • Reaction: ExxonMobil Shareholders Meeting

    Today’s ExxonMobil shareholders meeting has been a stark example of Exxon’s continued intransigence when it comes to climate change.
  • divest_fossil_fuels

    Exxon Faces Questions Over Climate As Gates Dumps BP

    The famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin is that "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Another certainty is that you know that the top executives of controversial companies absolutely hate the one day in the year that they are accountable to their shareholders: the AGM.
  • exxonknew

    Oh Exxon … The Irony

    For twenty five years there has been one company that beyond all others has tried to undermine the UN Climate talks. For those twenty five years it has obfuscated the truth about climate by pouring millions into the funding of a network of climate sceptic and denial think tanks and politicians.
  • rtr28ag1.v11

    Mapping the Climate Sceptics’ “Ecosystem of Influence”

    One of the most detailed studies of climate denial has concluded what many researchers have long known - that funding by the fossil fuel industry created a corrosive “ecosystem of influence” on both the content and language of the climate debate, especially in the US.
  • cop-paris-perspective-cropped

    Two Significant Steps Forward; One Step Back Towards Paris

    To start with one huge, massive, significant step forward. Victories do not come sweeter than this. After years of campaigning by millions of people from grass-roots activists, First Nations, farmers and ranchers to environmental groups such as Oil Change International, Sierra Club, 350.org and many others, President Obama announced on Friday that the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline is dead.
  • false-claims

    Forecasts of convenience: why is the fossil fuel industry mapping our energy future?

    Would you take it seriously if tobacco companies announced that smoking trends weren’t expected to change much over the next 30 years? And imagine then, that this is what governments used to make tobacco policy: “Forecasts show that people aren’t going to quit smoking, steady rates of smoking around the world are inevitable, so all anti-smoking policies will assume not much is going to change.”
  • 11128625_1144691515556938_1616279688529205126_n

    Signs, signs, everywhere the signs    

    There are usually clear signals if you find yourself driving towards a cliff. Presumably the smooth paved road you were driving on ends and turns into a less-travelled gravel road, from there, chances are dirt starts to take over where gravel is no longer hauled in. As you get closer to the cliff, lets be...
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  • BP

    Exxon to Eat “Bite-sized” BP?

    Earlier this month, BP’s beleaguered Chief Executive Bob Dudley warned that the falling oil price had created a “raging gale” for the oil industry which could last for years.
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