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    EIA AEO is DOA

    Today was supposed to be the official launch of the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). Just a few hours ago the EIA's site stated that it would be released today, but apparently among the things that EIA can't predict is the launch date for it's big annual report. When it is published, now supposedly at the "end of July", this report should contain the kind of hard data that energy regulators and investors desperately need to gain an accurate picture of energy in the United States today, and for the next 50 years. Except it won’t.
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    RELEASE: EIA Chief Urged To Address Climate Concerns

    Today, environmentalists delivered a letter to Energy Information Administration (EIA) Administrator Adam Sieminski requesting that “the Energy Information Administration produce a safe climate scenario or scenarios that are consistent with our nation’s climate goals.” The letter comes as the EIA’s Annual Energy Conference begins in Washington, DC.
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    The EIA needs to play its part for the climate

    An enduring aspect of the EIA’s lack of attention to the urgency of the climate crisis is the lack of a projection of U.S. and/or global energy supply and demand that reflects the nation’s stated commitments to address climate change.
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    Upcoming EIA Energy Outlook: Not a Forecast

    As energy wonks across the country gear up for the release of the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) International Energy Outlook (IEO), we here at Oil Change International wanted to be sure everyone is on the same page as we read over the EIA’s analysis. Most importantly, when it comes to the words “outlook” or “forecast”...
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  • Senate Energy Bill Fails the Climate Test

    Today’s energy bill passed by the Senate shows what millions of dollars in campaign contributions can buy for the fossil fuel industry.
  • BP energy outlook “not credible” – Oil Change International response

    Dressed in a veneer of concern about climate change, in fact BP’s outlook is a public relations exercise, designed to boost fossil fuels and undermine public faith in clean alternatives. Meanwhile it deflects responsibility to government or to coal companies, to distract from its own extraction of oil and gas.
  • Response to President Obama’s “21st Century Clean Transportation System” proposal

    Today, the Obama Administration released a fact sheet describing a new initiative included in the President’s upcoming budget proposal, which will include a new fee paid by oil companies along with increased investments in new transportation options. Read more for Oil Change International's response.
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    Senate Energy Bill Fails the Climate Test

    If a climate test were to be applied to this bill, there’s little doubt it would fail.
  • Statement on House Subcommittee Vote on Crude Export Ban

    Eliminating the crude export ban would not only hurt the many communities facing dangerous oil extraction in their backyards but also our climate, as the industry digs up unburnable oil at an even faster clip. The only beneficiaries of gutting this law are the Big Oil Executives seeking to pad their profits.
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    New video: All of the Above is climate denial

    You may have seen the latest effort to push an All of the Above energy to a younger generation, this time by the GOP (but of course, they’re not the first to do so…ahem, President Obama…). Well, we have our own version we’d like to share with you that we think tells a more accurate...
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