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  • 3 Years On, BP’s Lethal Legacy Continues

    Three years on, BP's spill is still having an devastating legacy in the Gulf
  • BP’s $9 Billion Spill Tax Scam

    BP could settle the Deepwater Horizon spill trial and offset a whopping $9 billion against it tax bill
  • “BP was blinded by greed”

    After months of delay, the trial of the century finally opened yesterday in New Orleans. Outside rows of protesters had banners with "Restore the Gulf", "#makeBPpay", and "Never Forget".
  • “Overwhelming evidence that BP is grossly negligent”

    Today, nearly three years after BP’s disastrous Deepwater Horizon spill, which claimed eleven lives and led to the largest oil spill in US history, the company is finally due in the dock.
  • BP sued “for hiding truth” over Deepwater

    BP’s disastrous Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico refuses to go away. The Daily Telegraph in the UK is reporting that BP is being sued for tens of millions of dollars in America US by institutional investors. The investors – the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, Skandia Global Funds and GAM Fund Management –...
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  • BP and the Attack on Academic Freedom

    Two leading oceanographers who worked on the impact of BP’s devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill have accused BP of attacking academic freedom after the oil giant successfully subpoenaed thousands of confidential emails related to their research. The two scientists, Richard Camilli and Christopher Reddy, from the respected Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, have had to give...
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  • BP or not BP?

    As part of the build-up to the Olympics, Britain is hosting the World Shakespeare Festival, that kicked off on Monday which would have been the Bard’s 448th birthday. The Festival is being billed as the biggest ever festival to celebrate his work: production companies from around the world will perform a total of 70 plays,...
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  • Sick Fish, Eyeless Shrimps and Dead Dolphins

    As the second Anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon spill was marked across the Gulf region at the end of last week, we know that we are still a long way from knowing the full impact of the spill on the marine ecosystem. One thing is for sure though. The right-wing commentators who crowed that the...
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  • 100 Days of Olympic Greenwashing

    Organisers of the London Olympics are celebrating 100 days to go until the start of what they have called “the Greenest Games Ever”. As the real countdown to the games begins, the main sponsors of the games will be exploiting their association with the Olympics to the maximum. Take BP – Its brand is all...
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  • BP’s Oil “Entered Food Chain”

    At the height of the Deepwater disaster, then CEO of BP, Tony Hayward said it was only a drop in the ocean, so not to worry. BP’s scientists and cronies were quick to argue that the vast majority of the oil had been broken down and dispersed and that there was nothing to worry about....
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