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  • EmmaFiala_smaller

    Hundreds gather in Minneapolis calling on US Bank to #DefundETP

    Last week, hundreds braved frigid temperatures and blinding snow for a series of actions demanding the US Bank end its funding of pipeline companies.
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    Landowners Launch Call to Defund the Mountain Valley Pipeline as Movement Grows

    Across North America and beyond, a growing movement of communities, tribes, and cities is pushing banks to divest from dirty pipelines – going directly after the money that enables the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Now landowners in Virginia and West Virginia are opening up a new front in the push to #DefundPipelines.
  • C: Joe Brusky

    DAPL “Could be Operational Within 30 Days” After Legal Setback

    Yesterday, a federal judge refused to issue a temporary injunction against construction of the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The latest setback for the First Nations fighting the pipeline means that it could be “operational in as little as 30 days”, according to a lawyer for the company building it, Energy Transfer Partners.
  • Stop Dakota access

    New York City Could be Next to Disinvest from #DAPL

    The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has confirmed that he is “very interested” is using the city’s pension funds to put pressure on the banks that are helping to fund the highly controversial Dakota Access pipeline.
  • C: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

    It’s Time to Prove Trump Wrong Over #DAPL

    Early yesterday, work restarted on the highly controversial Dakota Access pipeline, less than a day after the Trump Administration granted a final easement to allow the project to go ahead over the disputed land near the Standing Rock reservation.
  • standwithstandingrock_doi1

    Oil Change International responds to DAPL easement

    Oil Change International stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the thousands of water protectors who have and will continue to resist the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Thousands Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

    Oil Change response to executive orders on KXL and DAPL

    We stopped Keystone XL and Dakota Access before and we’ll do it again. These are fights Trump and his bullies won’t win.
  • C: Alan Greenberg @pragmactivist

    A New Year Message: “US Bank DIVEST, #NoDAPL”

    If those attempting to build the Dakota Access pipeline hoped that the protests against the pipeline and those funding it would fizzle out in 2017, they would have watched in despair at the events which unfolded at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday.
  • C: Lakota People's Law Project Report

    Support the Water Protectors by Asking Banks to #DefundDAPL

    As people head home for the Christmas vacation to be with their loved ones, spare a thought for the one thousand or so water protectors that are braving bitterly freezing cold temperatures and blizzards in North Dakota to continue what has become the iconic protest of 2016 against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • C: Salon Youtube video

    “We came. We fought you. We took your land. We beg for your forgiveness.”

    Over the last few months, as the news of the Standing Rock protests have spread across the globe, people have realised that the protest was never just about a pipeline, it was always about so, so much more. It was about the right to protect clean air and water; it was the right to protect ancient burial sites; it was the right to fight for a future for our children and grand-children. It was a belief that we can live in a world without oil. But it was also a battle against oppression and colonisation against First Nations that has being going on for centuries and where the wounds run old, raw and deep.
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