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  • Energy security hearing to be show in industry spin and willful ignorance

    Today the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce committee is convening a hearing concerning “achieving North American energy independence within the next decade”. Here’s a little tip – save yourself the time and don’t bother watching the bulk of this hearing unless you want a lesson in fossil fuels public relations and willful ignorance.  I’ll...
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  • Climate Sceptics Exposed

    It was not probably the Valentine’s present the leading climate sceptic organisation, the Heartland Institute, was expecting. But after years of exploiting ClimateGate and leaks from climate scientists, yesterday they were on the receiving end of their very own leak. The climate denial watch-dog, DeSmogBlog, was leaked details of Heartland’s strategy and funding documents exposing...
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  • Jilted by another smooth-talking oilman

    Ever get tired of those cheezy ads from oil companies or really fired up over ‘independent’ research that asserts that everything you thought was great about alternative enery sources turns out to be a myth? Well Erik Curren over at Transition Voice sums it up nicely on this cross-post. Thanks Erik… Every time I’m tempted...
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  • The New Dirty Energy Money Champions

    Ever heard of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association? We didn’t know much about them either. But they have popped up on our radar as an organisation that is pouring millions into politics. So we started doing some digging. NRECA calls itself the national service organisations that represents the nation’s more than 900 private, not-for-profit,...
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  • Koching up the Tar Sands

    This is not looking so good. Firstly you have the multi-billionaire Koch Brothers, darlings of the Tea Party, who are the current cash providers for climate change denial industry. And then you have the dirty Albertan tar sands where the oil is so much more carbon intensive to extract that it will help cook the...
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  • Oil Industry front group attacks fracking critics

    This post by Brendan DeMelle originally appeared on DeSmog Blog. DeSmogBlog has uncovered an industry memo revealing that ‘Energy In Depth’ is hardly comprised of the mom-and-pop “small, independent oil and natural gas producers” it claims to represent.  In fact, the industry memo we found, entitled “Hydraulic Fracturing Under Attack,” shows that Energy In Depth...
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  • What a FAArce

    One of the more unsavoury trends in politics over the last couple of decades has been the sprouting of corporate front groups that pervert the political process. Often the give-away is in the title: so if something says it is an Alliance or made up of Citizens, you actually know it is nothing of the...
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  • The Angry Mermaid Strikes Back

    All the news reports this morning are that a deal at Copenhagen is dead. Barack Obama has said that we had run out of time to secure a deal in December. This will please the corporate lobbyists no end.  The longer they can delay action on climate the better. But now Copenhagen’s iconic mermaid is...
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  • Big Oil Front Group Fights for Tar Sands

    The debate on energy and climate is littered with corporate front groups scare-mongering over action on climate change at the moment. On the blog we have recently talked about the American Petroleum Institute’s astroturf “Energy Citizen” campaign and American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCE)’s fake letter writers.
  • “We are seeing fraud-mongering on clean energy”

    It’s turning into Astroturf August. Hot on the heels of the revelations about the fake oil industry PR campaign, comes the fake coal PR campaign. We knew that the fossil fuel industry would not give up without a fight, but we did not realise that had turned into such fossil fools, by have all their...
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