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  • paris-goals-require-germany

    Climate Leader or Coal Champion? Time for Germany to Decide

    A new Oil Change International report shows that, if Germany is truly committed to being a leader in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, it must lead the way with a rapid phaseout of fossil fuel production and finance.
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    Community Responses to FERC’s Terrible Pipeline Approvals

    Last Friday, FERC continued it's rubber-stamping ways. Fortunately for pipeline fighters, fights against these two fracked gas pipelines is far from over. Here’s a selection of community voices responding to FERC’s terrible pipeline approvals of Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast’s certificates.
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    Oil Change International reacts to the cancellation of Energy East

    This is an important day in the fight against climate change in Canada. Realizing that Energy East would never would never be allowed if its full climate impact was accounted for, TransCanada has walked away from the project.
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    Acknowledging the obvious fact that our future cannot be fossil fueled begins the game that will only be truly won when our public policies, our laws, our governments, and our social norms fully incorporate this truth.
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    The Hazards of EIA Energy Forecasts

    WARNING: Use of this outlook for decision-making may cause sea level rise, flooding, droughts, extreme weather, food shortages and ecosystem collapse.    Accepting the conclusions of the latest energy outlook, released this month by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) means also accepting certain climate catastrophe. As we have noted before, the EIA has made a routine...
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    Report: Gas Pipeline Construction Leading to Massive Risks to Utility Ratepayers

    As the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission prepares for its first meeting in seven months, and as states weigh new gas pipelines facing imminent rulings from Trump-appointed regulators, a report released today exposes an impending crisis of risk to utility ratepayers.
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    Oil Change International statement on Hurricane Harvey

    We stand with the communities in the Gulf in their daily push back against the dirty oil and gas industry, and our hearts are with them particularly in these days of acute threats to their lives, homes, and communities.
  • Oil Change International Responds to Department of Energy Grid Study

    Janet Redman, U.S. Policy Director at Oil Change International, responds to the late night release of the Department of Energy's long-anticipated study of the U.S. electricity grid.
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    New report: Norway one of world’s largest emissions exporters

    Norway’s plans for fossil fuel development are at odds with its commitments to the Paris climate goals according to a new report. In addition to being the world’s seventh largest emissions exporter, projected oil and gas development in the country are incompatible with global carbon budgets aligned with limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius or 1.5 degrees Celsius.
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    Expert Keystone XL Testimony Denied in Last-Minute Decision

    Stockman’s planned testimony outlines that changing market conditions and realities in the tar sands industry show that there is no market need for Keystone XL pipeline. This testimony has been essentially confirmed by recent statements by TransCanada representatives themselves, who have expressed doubt in finding sufficient shippers to fill the pipeline.
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