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    Release: Paris Agreement Ratification Means No New Fossil Fuels

    The climate science is clear: to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees, world leaders must immediately end public support to fossil fuels, end expansion of fossil fuel development, and begin a managed decline of the fossil fuel industry with a just transition to renewable energy.
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    RELEASE: Fossil Fuel Expansion Has Reached the Sky’s Limit: Report

    The embedded carbon emissions from the oil, gas, and coal in currently operating fields and mines, if they run to the end of their projected lifetimes, will take us just beyond the Paris Agreement’s 2C warming limit, and even further from the goal of 1.5C, a new study has found.
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    The American Petroleum Institute’s Desperate PR is Failing

    The American Petroleum Institute is desperate. They want to clutch onto the past while the world changes around them, and the public really isn’t buying it.
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    White House releases a new Climate Test? Not quite, but getting closer.

    The White House just released an important document today: the final version of guidance for considering climate impacts within the NEPA process. While this document is merely guidance and “not a rule or regulation,” the updated version marks some important shifts in aligning our energy policy with our climate goals.
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    EIA AEO is DOA

    Today was supposed to be the official launch of the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). Just a few hours ago the EIA's site stated that it would be released today, but apparently among the things that EIA can't predict is the launch date for it's big annual report. When it is published, now supposedly at the "end of July", this report should contain the kind of hard data that energy regulators and investors desperately need to gain an accurate picture of energy in the United States today, and for the next 50 years. Except it won’t.
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    RELEASE: EIA Chief Urged To Address Climate Concerns

    Today, environmentalists delivered a letter to Energy Information Administration (EIA) Administrator Adam Sieminski requesting that “the Energy Information Administration produce a safe climate scenario or scenarios that are consistent with our nation’s climate goals.” The letter comes as the EIA’s Annual Energy Conference begins in Washington, DC.
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    The EIA needs to play its part for the climate

    An enduring aspect of the EIA’s lack of attention to the urgency of the climate crisis is the lack of a projection of U.S. and/or global energy supply and demand that reflects the nation’s stated commitments to address climate change.
  • Reaction: ExxonMobil Shareholders Meeting

    Today’s ExxonMobil shareholders meeting has been a stark example of Exxon’s continued intransigence when it comes to climate change.
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    White House Responds to Keep It In the Ground Petition

    That the White House was forced to officially respond to this petition is yet another indication of the growing power of the Keep It In The Ground movement.
  • Reaction: EIA’s latest outlook another recipe for climate chaos

    The EIA’s Reference Case is a recipe for disaster, and indicates that we need a new set of ingredients to create the clean energy economy necessary to solve the climate crisis.
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