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    New study shows axing fossil fuel subsidies can deliver big climate benefits (but press release says the opposite)

    A study published today, by a group led by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), indicates that eliminating fossil fuel subsidies could curb global greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 5% through 2030 while saving hundreds of billions of dollars in public money. Despite this seemingly good news, the framing of the study was strangely downbeat, casting these reductions as “only a small effect on CO2 emissions.” What we know from reading the actual findings of this study, as well as several other analyses of the climate impacts of fossil fuel subsidy removal, is that nixing oil, gas, and coal subsidies would be a big win for the climate, would saves money, and could free up resources to help the poorest and most vulnerable.
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    EIA: Once again projecting a future that will not come

    Given EIA's shoddy track record, today's Annual Energy Outlook projecting climate doom leaves us feeling quite confident that we'll continue to kick our fossil fuel addiction and tackle our climate crisis.
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    Jordan Cove LNG and Pacific Connector Pipeline Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    The proposed Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector pipeline would be a substantial source of climate pollution for decades to come. This briefing provides an estimate of the project lifecycle emissions and provides the climate rational for rejecting the proposed project.
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    Report: First Comprehensive Analysis of Climate Impact of Jordan Cove LNG Terminal & Pacific Connector Pipeline

    A new report released by Oil Change International details, for the first time, the full accounting of greenhouse gas emissions that would result from the proposed Jordan Cove LNG Export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas Pipeline project in Oregon.
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    Why Does the IEA Keep Forecasting Climate Failure?

    There’s a battle taking place over how we think our energy future will unfold. And tomorrow, the organization that arguably holds a near monopoly over how most decision-makers perceive this future – the International Energy Agency (IEA) – will release its latest volley.
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    Burning the Gas ‘Bridge Fuel’ Myth

    This analysis provides five clear reasons why fossil gas is not a "bridge fuel.” It shows that even with zero methane leakage, gas is not a climate change solution.
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    Climate Leader or Coal Champion? Time for Germany to Decide

    A new Oil Change International report shows that, if Germany is truly committed to being a leader in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, it must lead the way with a rapid phaseout of fossil fuel production and finance.
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    Community Responses to FERC’s Terrible Pipeline Approvals

    Last Friday, FERC continued it's rubber-stamping ways. Fortunately for pipeline fighters, fights against these two fracked gas pipelines is far from over. Here’s a selection of community voices responding to FERC’s terrible pipeline approvals of Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast’s certificates.
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    Oil Change International reacts to the cancellation of Energy East

    This is an important day in the fight against climate change in Canada. Realizing that Energy East would never would never be allowed if its full climate impact was accounted for, TransCanada has walked away from the project.
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    Acknowledging the obvious fact that our future cannot be fossil fueled begins the game that will only be truly won when our public policies, our laws, our governments, and our social norms fully incorporate this truth.
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