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  • Ipsos Mori poll

    Half of Americans Still in Climate Denial

    Last week the polling company, Ipsos-Mori, published its first ever Global Trends Report, which examined our attitudes to a whole host of topics such as technology, privacy, marriage, migration, health, globalisation, inequality, science and the environment.
  • One-of-the-postcard-from--005

    Leading Climate Sceptic Vying to be UKIP’s First MP

    Roger Helmer who is standing to become the first ever MP for the United Kingdom Independence Party is a long-standing climate denier with deep ties to leading climate sceptic organisations in the US, such as ALEC, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Heartland Institute.
  • Ford_to_City_Exxon_Spoof-v2

    Exxon’s 25 Year “Drop Dead” Denial Campaign

    For 25 years ExxonMobil has been at the forefront of a climate denial campaign, essentially telling the world to "Drop Dead" for more than a quarter of a century
  • global-warming2

    IPCC: Humans are Causing Climate Change

    The most authoritative report on climate change ever compiled, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is set to be published this week. Expect a massive backlash from sceptics and deniers.
  • global-warming-flood

    Exposing the Climate Change Denial Machine

    Greenpeace has just released a new report, Dealing in Doubt, which examines the 25 climate denial campaign by the fossil fuel industry and others.
  • australia-heat-map

    Purple Haze

    As Australia scorches under a record heatwave and the US records its hottest year ever, the climate deniers and oil industry carry on regardless.
  • robertmurray

    Big Coal Plays Dirty

    One of America’s top reporters who exposes the antics of the coal industry is being sued for libel by one of the largest independent coal barons. Ken Ward JR, who has been labelled as “one of the nation’s top coal reporters” by Columbia Journalism Review, is being sued by Murray Energy and its owner Bob...
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  • Andrea Saul

    Romney Aide Linked to Climate Denial

    Good old Kert Davies. If you don’t know Kert he is the Research Director for Greenpeace US. I am sure Kert won’t mind me saying that he has a slightly unhealthy obsession with climate sceptics and those who push climate denial. He has had this obsession for a while.  It was Kert who was behind...
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  • exxon

    Exxon: Climate Change “Overblown”

    As I write, two million people remain without power in the eastern United States, two days after extreme electrical storms brought down power lines and trees.  They are struggling to remain cool in 100 degree heat. In Kansas the New York Times reports this morning “For five days last week, a brutal heat wave here...
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  • JoeCamal

    Haemorrhaging Heartland Still in Denial

    Well the old adage is when you are in a hole, stop digging. Someone though has not told Joe Bast, the head of the Heartland Institute. Poor old Joe is feeling rather sorry that at his time of need his colleagues are deserting him. In a recent blog he criticises one such colleague saying that...
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