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  • exxonknew

    #ExxonKnew: 17 Attorney Generals Now Investigating

    The investigation into Exxon’s twenty-five year climate misinformation campaign is gathering serious momentum.
  • C: NAIT

    Fossil fuel Industry “Doing All it Can to Stop” Solar

    Rather than promote the solar revolution in the US, the fossil fuel industry "is doing all that it can to stop its growth."
  • exxonknew

    Now California Investigates Exxon For “Lying” Over Climate

    The oil barons from Exxon will wake up to a double headache this morning. The carnage on the international oil markets is playing havoc with their share price. Yesterday afternoon the company’s stock was down nearly 5 per cent as the oil price continued its free-fall.
  • republican-climate-change-denial-1415648425

    GOP Climate Denial Puts “Future of Civilization at Risk”

    Obama may be talking the climate change talk in Paris, but back home the Republican Party (GOP) is doing everything in its power to make sure there is no deal.
  • exxonknew

    Oh Exxon … The Irony

    For twenty five years there has been one company that beyond all others has tried to undermine the UN Climate talks. For those twenty five years it has obfuscated the truth about climate by pouring millions into the funding of a network of climate sceptic and denial think tanks and politicians.
  • rtr28ag1.v11

    Mapping the Climate Sceptics’ “Ecosystem of Influence”

    One of the most detailed studies of climate denial has concluded what many researchers have long known - that funding by the fossil fuel industry created a corrosive “ecosystem of influence” on both the content and language of the climate debate, especially in the US.
  • exxonknew

    Beware of Exxon’s Friends in the Media

    As I pointed out last week, one of the ground-breaking developments in the lead up to the Paris climate talks later this month has been the announcement by the New York Attorney’s office that it was investigating Exxon for misleading the public and shareholders about climate change.
  • cop-paris-perspective-cropped

    Two Significant Steps Forward; One Step Back Towards Paris

    To start with one huge, massive, significant step forward. Victories do not come sweeter than this. After years of campaigning by millions of people from grass-roots activists, First Nations, farmers and ranchers to environmental groups such as Oil Change International, Sierra Club, 350.org and many others, President Obama announced on Friday that the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline is dead.
  • CSO6IkeWoAAq39e

    Activists Blockade Climate Sceptic’s Coal Mine

    There must be a certain pleasure if you are a climate activist in blockading a coal mine which is on the land of one of the country’s leading climate sceptics.
  • Ipsos Mori poll

    Half of Americans Still in Climate Denial

    Last week the polling company, Ipsos-Mori, published its first ever Global Trends Report, which examined our attitudes to a whole host of topics such as technology, privacy, marriage, migration, health, globalisation, inequality, science and the environment.
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