You Had Your Say – Ten Ways to Change the World

April 3, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

Last week The Independent newspaper in the UK asked its readers what to do about climate change. The response has been overwhelming. “Today we publish a summary of the most popular ideas which, if put into practice, would be potent weapons in the fight against global warming” argues The Independent.

Antarctic Air Warms Three Times Faster than Elsewhere

April 3, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

Scientists have discovered that temperatures in the Antarctic are rising three times faster than the world as a whole. They have also found the first signs of record levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that may be trapping heat above the ice sheets of the South Pole. 

Once A Dinosaur Always A Dinosaur

March 31, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

Is Exxon changing its stance on climate change under new chairman Rex Tillerson? That is the question posed yesterday by the New York Times. “If Rex W. Tillerson has his way, Exxon Mobil will no longer be the oil company that environmentalists love to hate … Mr. Tillerson has gone out of his way to … Read More

More Comments in the Great Debate on Climate

March 30, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

More insightful comments from readers in today’s Independent: “The scientific background to the climate change debate is rather frightening, so that those with knowledge and power are stunned by the problems ahead. If they are not addressed, I foresee the breakdown of civilisation as we know it”.