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  • drought

    “Nobody is going to be untouched by climate change”

    It has taken some 300 lead scientists three years to collate the evidence. Many other scientists collaborated in the research. Their combined efforts stretch to 2,600 pages, contained in 32 volumes, and have been signed off by hundreds of officials from 115 countries.
  • flooding

    Half UK Population Links Flooding to Climate Change

    More and more people in the UK believe that the severe flooding which has affected large swathes of Southern England from the Somerset levels in the west to the affluent towns and villages in the Thames valley near London, are the result of climate change.
  • Indonesia_432_1

    Climate change is “world’s largest weapon of mass destruction”

    For once the words of a politician were extremely bold and clear. The warning was brutally stark. In a keynote speech on climate change in Indonesia, Secretary of State, John Kerry, likened global warming to a weapon of mass destruction and dismissed climate sceptics as members of the “Flat Earth Society”.
  • slider day 1.2-e84e67be

    The “Corporate Captured” COP

    They say history never repeats itself, but a year ago at the United Nations climate talks in Doha, a typhoon hit the Philippines, killing hundreds of people and leaving an estimated quarter of million people homeless.
  • Siberia

    As scientists warn about climate change, Russia eyes up vast frack reserves

    Whether the scientists or oilmen win the defining battle of our time – how and when to wean ourselves off fossil fuels - will shape what this world looks like for our children and grandchildren.
  • global-warming2

    IPCC: Humans are Causing Climate Change

    The most authoritative report on climate change ever compiled, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is set to be published this week. Expect a massive backlash from sceptics and deniers.
  • colorado-potato-beetle

    Climate Change Causing Spread of Crops Pests

    New scientific report by researchers in the UK has concluded that climate change threatens global food security by spreading crop pests towards the Poles at around 3km every year.
  • North Pole3

    The Pond at the Pole

    Scientists have been warning for years that due to climate change the North Pole might soon be ice free in the summer, well, guess what, today there is a pond there.
  • KeystoneXLPipeline

    Tar Sands & Potential Sea Level Rise

    If Keystone is the key to the next phase of the development of the tar sands, it is key to unlocking carbon we cannot afford to burn.
  • Critical decade

    80% of Fossil Fuels ‘Should Stay in the Ground’

    Australia’s Climate Commission, the official body that advises the country’s government, has warned that 80 per cent of global fossil fuel reserves will have to stay in the ground, if we are to avoid dangerous climate change.
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