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  • BP’s Blatant Climate Hypocrisy on Show As it “Buys” Vote to Defeat Carbon Tax

    As millions of people digest the saturated press coverage of the mid-terms, and wonder what the next two-years of a chaotic and destructive Trump Presidency will mean with the Republican loss of the House, it is easy to miss other issues that were also voted on this week.
  • Sarkozy Warns China of Carbon Tariffs

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has warned China that the EU could penalise cheap imports from high carbon-emitting countries in order to defend European companies that are obliged to meet strict environmental standards. In a speech to students at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, Mr Sarkozy urged China to shoulder its environmental responsibilities as a global economic...
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  • Zero Carbon Nation

    Britain could cut carbon emissions to zero in 20 years but only if people accept a virtual end to air travel and stop using fuel-driven cars, a report by the Centre for Alternative Technology argues Meat would also need to disappear off many menus and an “armada” of wind turbines built around the coast to...
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  • “Feeble” Brown Fails Green Test

    UK Chancellor Gordon Brown came under strong attack from political opposition parties and green groups after responding to the government’s own dire warnings on climate change with a modest £1bn package of green taxes in his pre-budget report. Little more than a month after the prime minister described the report into climate change by the...
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  • UK Firms Face Compulsory Carbon Quotas

    Something of British feel about the blog today. Struggling to suddenly promote his green credentials in the wake of the Stern report, UK Chancellor, Gordon Brown will outline plans for a carbon trading scheme, more expensive petrol and doubling of flight duty in his pre-budget report today.
  • US Opposes EU’s Emission Trading Scheme

    No surprises here really. Iraq is sliding into civil war, the dollar may be sliding towards a crisis, the Bush Administration may be sliding towards the history books, but least it’s its belligerent and blinkered attitude towards climate change isn’t shifting an inch. The administration has announced that it opposes the EU’s emissions trading programme...
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  • Boulder to Introduce First US Carbon Tax

    Voters in Boulder, Colorado have approved what may the US’s first “carbon tax.” The tax, which will take to take effect in April next year, will be based on the number of kilowatt-hours used. The tax is to pay for the “climate action plan,” efforts to “increase energy efficiency in homes and buildings, switch to...
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