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  • Statement: California leadership makes the case for no new fossil fuel development in the state

    As we approach the Global Climate Action Summit, hosted by Governor Brown later this year, now would be a fantastic moment for the Brown-Newsom administration to announce new steps to limit fossil fuel extraction in the state writ large. The case for a managed phase out of fossil fuel production in California is clear, they simply need to read their own letter released today.
  • Pro-fracking letter to Governor Brown has oily taste to it

    The letter, with 21 signatories, suggests that fracking can be done safely with proper regulation, and that the economic benefits of fracking up California outweigh the inherent risks to the environment of the extraction practice. But even a very quick analysis of the signatories and the arguments they put forward will show another story. In short, this letter from scientists was made possible by the oil industry.
  • Jerry’s choice: drive into the future, or cling to the past

    It’s time for Governor Brown to make a decision. He can be Big Oil Brown and move California down the road of fracking our communities and climate. Or he can say no to our dirty past, stop fracking, and move California towards a cleaner future.
  • Time to #UnFrackCal – Californians say no to fracking

    Last night, dozens of concerned Californians descended on the Oakland convention center for a "scoping meeting" regarding the California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources "environmental impact report" process that is kicking off to study the impacts of fracking in the state.
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