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  • International Study: No Room for New Gas in Ireland’s Energy Transition

    A new study by Oil Change International has found that drilling for more new gas in Irish waters is not compatible with achieving the Paris Agreement to limit climate change. The report assesses the role of fossil gas in the energy system against the background of Ireland’s own decarbonization targets, and our obligations under the Paris Agreement.
  • Gas Is Not a Bridge Fuel: Why Ireland’s Climate Goals Cannot Be Met with More Gas

    Ireland is on course to miss both its short-term climate commitments within EU legislation, and its long-term target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector by between 80 and 95 percent by 2050. Expanded gas extraction will only make it more difficult to achieve these goals, and must be avoided in order to achieve a safe climate future.
  • Burning the Gas ‘Bridge Fuel’ Myth

    This analysis provides five clear reasons why fossil gas is not a "bridge fuel.” It shows that even with zero methane leakage, gas is not a climate change solution.
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