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  • jess2

    “I was spied on by BP”

    I discovered recently that I was being spied on by BP.
  • retrofit-lead

    Subsidy Spotlight: Paying the Price of Tar Sands Expansion

    From tar sands refinery subsidies in Whiting, Indiana and cash-strapped Detroit to petcoke covering the neighborhoods of Southeast Chicago, this subsidy spotlight explores the human impact of government subsidies gone haywire.
  • Black square

    Activists Attack “Grossly Negligent” BP

    Yesterday over a hundred members and supporters of the UK-based art collective Liberate Tate carried out their latest art protest against the oil giant BP in the Tate Modern’s iconic Turbine Hall in London.
  • subsidy_spotlight_gulf_oil_header_spotlight_2

    Subsidy Spotlight: Paid to Pollute and Poison

    The BP gulf oil spill may not have happened without government subsidies. In fact, at least two major subsidies were used both before and after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon to support BP.
  • The New York City Ballet renamed its theater in honor of billionaire climate denier David H. Koch. Photo courtesy of The Other 98%.

    Sacrificing the Climate for Art’s Sake

    The endorsement granted to Big Oil companies by preeminent arts institutions allows them to whitewash their image.
  • Hugh Warwick

    Viking Protestors Descend on the British Museum

    Many visitors to the iconic British Museum in London got more than they bargained for on Sunday, when hundreds of protestors descended on the Museum to protest against BP's sponsorship of a major exhibition on Vikings.
  • St Petersburg

    Exxon and BP Strengthen Ties With Russia

    Ignoring the potential threat of further sanctions, both Exxon and BP have strengthened ties with Russia’s state-controlled oil company, Rosneft, in deals that can also only be seen as bad news for the climate.
  • Sechin_Dudley

    BP Sides with President Putin

    The oil industry always maintains that politics is a job for somebody else – it just gets on with drilling for oil and gas. The line is a fallacy of course, as the industry uses its economic might to prop up politicians that give it favourable tax breaks or subsidies or push its climate destructive policies.
  • (c)Oceana/Keith Ellenbogen.

    How BP’s Oil Damaged Fish

    The fallout from the BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill continues. The oil giant is attempting to force the US government to release evidence which BP says proves that the oil spill did much less damage than at first feared.
  • Azerbaijan

    Europe Wants Gas, Ignores Human Rights

    Today, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague is one of the first European politicians to visit Azerbaijan, a country with an appalling human rights record, since widely condemned Presidential elections.
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