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  • Coast Guard conducts overflight of Kulluk tow in Kiliuda Bay, Alaska

    Outrage as Obama Approves Shell’s Arctic Drilling Program

    The Obama Administration seriously undermined its chances of a positive environmental legacy yesterday by giving approval to Shell’s highly controversial Arctic drilling program.
  • Paddle in Seattle

    The “Paddle in Seattle” Against Shell

    The groundswell of local opposition against Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic continues to grow and will culminate this weekend in three days of protests and direct action.
  • ice sheet

    Shell’s Arctic Drilling Moves Closer

    The Obama administration’s inconsistent approach to climate change was laid bare again last night after the US Interior Department reconfirmed Shell’s controversial lease sale in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska.
  • Lower-oil-price

    Crude Oil Casualties Mount

    Everywhere you look there is carnage in the oil industry as the reality of low oil prices begins to bite. From North America, to the North Sea and the Arctic, the low crude oil price is reshaping the size, shape and prospects of the industry.
  • KXL

    KXL is “like two bald men fighting over a comb”

    As the political squabbling over Keystone XL continues to dominate the political landscape in Washington, yesterday the Senate energy committee voted 13-9 in favour of a bill that would force construction of the controversial pipeline.
  • bristolbay

    Obama Bans Drilling in Bristol Bay

    As if the plummeting oil price was not bad enough, there was more bad news for the oil industry yesterday after President Obama signed a Presidential memorandum to protect the vast Bristol Bay in Alaska from future oil and gas drilling.
  • sanctions-on-russia

    Exxon Lobbying to “Water Down” Russian Sanctions

    Shell has become the latest western company to cease its activities in Russia due to sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine. The oil giant has suspended its operations with its joint venture partner Gazprom Neft to frack Russian shale oil.
  • Rosneft

    Rosneft Announces Arctic “Victory”

    There was grim news over the weekend for those fighting Arctic drilling as the Russian energy giant Rosneft announced that it had struck oil in the world’s most northerly well, deep in the Arctic.
  • Russia_Arctic

    Exxon starts “the most controversial oil rig in the world”

    For the oil industry business comes first. After years of preparation, on Saturday Exxon began drilling a $700 million well in the Kara Sea in Russia's Arctic. It is Russia’s most northerly well.
  • Shell_Arctic

    Shell Stays in Arctic as Other Companies Pull Out

    Earlier this week in London, in a novel action which some are calling a “playtest”, over 50 young children gathered outside Shell's London headquarters to protest against the oil giant’s Arctic drilling programme and its controversial collaboration with the iconic children’s toy-maker, Lego.
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