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  • Murder is bad

    Murder is Bad – Even in Nigeria

    On Monday morning, Shell's “Grassroots Employee Empowerment Division” emailed 71,900 employees. But that division doesn't exist.
  • 2012-09-24 10.44.01

    Two-Faced Shell Talks Clean, But Acts Dirty

    The advert in the weekend edition of the Financial Times is heart-warming... from Shell?
  • nigeriansoldier

    Shell’s Blood Money Exposed

    Yet more evidence that Shell is still at heart of the vortex of violence that continues in the Niger Delta. Platform, the oil industry watchdog which is based in London, has released a great briefing paper, called Dirty Work, which examines Shell’s security spending in Nigeria. The story is covered in today’s Guardian newspaper. The...
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  • Bonga

    Nigeria: Shell to Pay $5 Billion Fine?

    Finally after fifty years of the Nigerian government playing softly, softly with Shell, is the country about to start playing hard-ball with the oil giant? The country’s oil regulator has asked Shell to pay a whopping $5 billion fine for a spill off the country’s southern coast last December. Late last year there was a...
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  • oil-bunkering

    Nigeria Loses $1 Billion a Month in Oil Theft

    Reports coming out of Nigeria this morning are that the country’s President Goodluck Jonathan has sacked senior oil officials from the state oil company NNPC in the interests of “greater transparency and accountability.” Jonathan has come under intense pressure to clean up the country’s oil industry. We have known for a while that theft and...
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  • Shell - sum 2

    70,000 Ask Shell to Clean Up in Nigeria

    Seventeen years ago I was one of many protestors at Shell’s AGM in London at the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Centre that lies in the shadow of Big Ben, near London’s Parliament. There were two issues facing the oil giant that day: in Nigeria the Ogoni playwright, Ken Saro-Wiwa, lay in a disgusting and degrading humid...
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  • Worse than Bad

    Shell in Nigeria: Its Worse than Bad

    And so it goes on. It might be a different day but the ongoing vortex of violence, pollution, protest and conflict continues in the Niger Delta. The oil giant, Shell is at the middle of this vortex, as it has been for decades, with the company unwilling to take adequate steps to stop the violence...
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  • Mozambique_-_traditional_sailboat

    Africa’s New Scramble for Gas

    Some twenty five years ago when Amoco were exploring for oil offshore Somalia, the company was convinced that the waters of East Africa contained vast reserves of oil and gas. But its exploration was unsuccessful, Somalia was ripped apart by civil war and the waters of East Africa, once the tranquil domain of dhows and...
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  • Shell guilty

    Shell Should be Guilty Again

    Although the BP / Deepwater Horizon trial maybe hogging the headlines, another courtroom battle is equally intriguing and important. It is almost 3 years since the trial of Wiwa versus Shell settled for $15.5 million on the eve of the trial. Along with the Wiwa action, there was a parallel legal case, Kiobel Versus Shell,...
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  • shell-nigeria-

    Nigeria: Shell’s New Human Rights Abuses

    Often the story of Shell’s atrocities in Nigeria has focused on its complicity in the death of the Ogoni Ken Saro-Wiwa, or the human rights abuses that were committed in the mid-nineties. But now a great new report from the oil industry watch-dog Platform, and published in coalition with a number of NGOs, has looked...
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