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  • shorting_the_climate1

    Shorting the Climate: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card 2016

    In the past three years, the North American and European commercial and investment banking sector has engaged in fossil fuel financing practices that are deeply at odds with the global climate agreement reached at COP 21 last December.
  • Swept Under the Rug 2016 cover

    Swept Under the Rug: How G7 nations conceal public financing for coal around the world

    In providing public finance for coal projects, Japan ranks as the worst offender among the G7 nations for supporting more than $22 billion in overseas coal projects from 2007-2015, and for plans to finance another $10 billion in future coal projects. Other G7 nations also financed coal development between 2007-2015
  • OCI SC Energy Poverty Report Cover

    Still Failing to Solve Energy Poverty

    This report assesses how four multilateral development banks (MDBs) — World Bank Group, Inter- American Development Bank, African Development Bank, and Asian Development Bank — are measuring up in their efforts to address the global energy access challenge.
  • WBG Exploration Finance 2011 - 2015

    World Bank Group Funds Fossil Fuel Exploration

    The World Bank Group continues to invest in exploration for new fossil fuel reserves despite clear signs that we already have far more fossil fuels than we can afford to burn, and over the last five years, the World Bank Group’s total fossil fuel finance has trended upwards, with finance into the billions of dollars nearly every year.
  • dem-ffs-factsheet

    Factsheet: The Dirty Energy Money Cycle

    This factsheet shines a light on the millions in campaign contributions made to our elected officials over the past 10 years and the billions in fossil fuel subsidies the industry gets in return.
  • Briefing: BOEM 5 Year Offshore Drilling Plan and the Climate

    The recently released draft five-year plan for offshore oil and gas drilling is predicated on a failure to act on stated climate policy. To remedy this, the U.S. government should act quickly to implement a climate test in order to evaluate energy decisions on the basis of our national and international climate commitments.
  • tidewaterpg1

    Tar Sands: The Myth of Tidewater Access

    The idea that greater pipeline capacity and access to tidewater would maximize the value Alberta receives for its tar sands crude is a standard talking point for industry, politicians, and other commentators in the ongoing oil price-induced recession in Alberta.
  • oiltaxfacts

    OIL TAX FACTS: Dispelling North Sea Oil Myths

    Dispelling myths about North Sea oil taxes, jobs, profits and climate
  • infographic_v05_web_version_small_front

    New #COP21 Analysis: Start funding climate action, stop funding climate chaos

    New analysis released today at the COP21 climate negotiations reveals that G7 countries along with Australia spend 40 times more on support for fossil fuel production than they do in contributions to the Green Climate Fund.
  • g20-report-cover

    Empty promises: G20 subsidies to oil, gas and coal production

    G20 country governments are providing $444 billion a year in subsidies for the production of fossil fuels. These governments are propping up the production of oil, gas and coal, most of which can never be used if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, and undermining national climate commitments.
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