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  • Tate redacted

    Activists Challenge BP’s Secret Sponsorship of the Arts

    A three and a half year battle by activists to find out more details of BP’s secretive sponsorship deal with Britain’s iconic art institution, the Tate, will finally be resolved on Thursday this week.
  • Pennsylvania-residents

    Respiratory and Skin Problems Linked to Fracking

    The largest ever scientific study examining the overall health of people living near fracking wells in the US is being published today and once again it sends alarm bells ringing.
  • Oil sands north

    “If All Else Fails, Let’s Go North”

    We can’t go South, we can’t go West, we can’t go East, so, hey, lets’ go North”. That is the latest thinking of the Canadians in their increasingly desperate attempts to export the dirty, carbon intensive tar sands from Alberta.
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks_Cover

    Wrong side of the tracks: the tar sands-by-rail pipe dream

    Our latest report presents new analysis that confirms that shipping tar sands bitumen by rail cannot possibly meet the tar sands industry’s reckless production growth plans. The report’s conclusions demonstrate that the U.S. Department of State’s analysis of rail’s ability to replace the Keystone XL pipeline failed to consider key data and evidence and drew conclusions that are both misleading and dangerous for the American public.
  • Black square

    Activists Attack “Grossly Negligent” BP

    Yesterday over a hundred members and supporters of the UK-based art collective Liberate Tate carried out their latest art protest against the oil giant BP in the Tate Modern’s iconic Turbine Hall in London.
  • North Antelope Mine

    Cashing In On Carbon: How Taxpayer Dollars Greenwash Dirty Energy

    From the Wyoming coal mines, to the gasification plant in Penwell, to the oilfields of the Permian Basin -- this subsidy spotlight explores the human impact of government subsidies gone haywire.
  • oil-tanker

    Shell Calls for Lifting of Export Ban

    For years the oil industry has been lobbying the Obama Administration to lift the US export ban of crude oil, which has been in place since the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s. The calls have become greater as the fracking boom has led to a significant increase in domestic production.
  • frack_water

    40% of Global Shale Reserves Face Water Shortage

    n the blinkered rush to frack the globe - first in the United States, secondly in Europe and thirdly in the rest of the world - the oil industry always undermines the risks of the technology. But this brutal technique has a dangerous downside, ranging from air and water pollution, to the use of vast amounts of sands and chemicals. And then there is, of course, the huge volumes of water used in the fracking process.
  • putin

    What about Norway’s Oil Deals With Russia?

    As Europe gives Russia a week’s grace to reverse its military actions in Ukraine or face a new round of sanctions, the oil industry just carries on investing with Russia regardless.
  • Fracking-Sites

    Why You Won’t Get a US Shale Boom in Britain

    For years politicians in Britain have been looking with increasing envy at the burgeoning shale boom in the US, believing that it could be replicated in the UK.
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