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  • BP

    Exxon to Eat “Bite-sized” BP?

    Earlier this month, BP’s beleaguered Chief Executive Bob Dudley warned that the falling oil price had created a “raging gale” for the oil industry which could last for years.
  • Fracking-protest

    Fracking Industry in “Severe Crisis”

    One of the great debates about fracking is whether it heralds a great new chapter in the age of oil or whether it is a small blip in the dying days of the fossil fuel era.
  • fracked.jpg.662x0_q100

    US Frackers to “Pump and Pray”

    The oil industry often prides itself in pushing the boundaries of technology. The whole fracking revolution has been driven by the industry pioneering new techniques to exploit oil and gas that was previously out of reach.
  • g20-time-for-action v1

    NGOs Urge G20 to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies

    Last Friday, 39 organizations from across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the United States sent a letter to the Turkish G20 President and all G20 finance ministers, calling for the ministers to set out a strict timeline for the phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Lower-oil-price

    Crude Oil Casualties Mount

    Everywhere you look there is carnage in the oil industry as the reality of low oil prices begins to bite. From North America, to the North Sea and the Arctic, the low crude oil price is reshaping the size, shape and prospects of the industry.
  • EV image

    Falling Gas Prices: Buy an EV Not SUV

    It is pretty hard nowadays to pass a gas station and not notice the plummeting price. Fuel prices have been falling so persistently that it appears that Americans have rediscovered their taste for gas guzzlers.
  • Response to EPA comments on Keystone XL

    The EPA's comments point to the fact that at current oil prices the pipeline would certainly trigger additional production in the tar sands, and thus significant additional emissions. Thus Keystone XL clearly fails the President’s climate test...
  • Brent Spar

    Ghost of Brent Spar Haunts Shell

    Twenty years ago the oil giant Shell was embroiled in two separate controversies, which still haunt the company to this day.
  • refinerystrike1

    Solidarity with Striking Refinery Workers

    Yesterday, after a failure in new contract negotiations initiated this month by a group of major oil companies, the United Steelworkers announced a work stoppage at nine refineries, the largest refinery strike in nearly 35 years.
  • bp-spill

    BP Spill: Up to 10 Million Gallons Of Oil On Gulf Floor

    In the months that followed BP’s devastating Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, one of the biggest mysteries was what happened to the 200 millions gallons of spewed black crude.
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