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  • Rampura_5

    A Pro-Poor, Pro-Climate Energy Strategy

    For the past year, the World Bank has been reviewing its strategy for energy lending.  Responding to years of critiques and complaints from communities, activists, the Bank has taken a year to confirm what development advocates have been saying for quite a while: ensuring energy access for the poor is a critical step in alleviating...
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  • Access to Energy for the Poor: The Clean Energy Option

    A dual focus on increasing access to energy services for the world’s poorest and promoting clean sources of energy is a win-win scenario for development and the environment.
  • Why We Need to Confront Dirty Energy Money

    The current Congress is awash in Dirty Energy Money, and the fossil fuel industry is certainly getting its money’s worth these days. In the face of rising gas prices, the top 5 oil companies have reported nearly a trillion (yes, trillion) dollars in profits over the past ten years. Yet these same companies receive billions...
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  • Rising oil prices and the global oil equation

    The U.S. already imports over 2 million barrels a day from Canada. It did not protect us from rising prices in 2008, it hasn’t this time, and it never will.
  • Your donation to Big Oil & Fracking Gas

    As all of us consider donations for the end of the year, here’s one acknowledgment letter that you should receive, but won’t: Dear average American taxpayer, As 2010 comes to a close, your friends in the oil industry would like to acknowledge your ongoing generosity and support. Last year, in addition to the roughly $2300...
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  • Wind Turbines

    Global Climate Fund In, World Bank Out

    With only a few days to go in the UN climate talks in Cancún, many questions remain on the outcomes, including on one of the most important issues currently on the table – climate finance. Finance in the context of the climate talks refers to funding for developing countries to address climate needs – financing...
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  • Change Chevron

    The Yes Men, Rainforest Action Network, and Amazon Watch caught Chevron by surprise last week by one-upping the planned release of Chevron’s “We Agree” ad campaign. The groups sent a fake press release to media outlets hours ahead of the Chevron release and put up a spoof website on the company’s behalf. The release spoke...
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  • Prop26

    Web Tools: California Propositions 23 and 26

    California’s Proposition 26 would increase the legislative vote requirement from a majority to two-thirds for new and increased state and local fees and charges. Many of California’s environmental protection programs are funded with such fees.  Opponents of Prop 26 say that it would make it even more difficult to hold polluters accountable, and to raise...
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  • Separate Oil and State

    Our government should not be under the influence of Big Oil. The greatest barriers to clean energy are political, not technical—and these barriers are largely fueled by the oil industry. We know that in order to achieve a clean energy future, we have to expose and eradicate the political influence of the oil industry; we...
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  • Shift Subsidies

    Every year, billions of our tax dollars are given away to Big Oil and Coal. Estimates of the value of US federal subsidies to the domestic oil industry alone (not coal) range from roughly $6 billion to an amazing $39 billion annually.  Billions more US federal dollars each year go to “oil aid” – money...
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