New study shows axing fossil fuel subsidies can deliver big climate benefits (but press release says the opposite)

February 7, 2018By Alex DoukasBlog Post, Featured, News

A study published today, by a group led by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), indicates that eliminating fossil fuel subsidies could curb global greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 5% through 2030 while saving hundreds of billions of dollars in public money. Despite this seemingly good news, the framing of the study was strangely downbeat, casting these reductions as “only a small effect on CO2 emissions.” What we know from reading the actual findings of this study, as well as several other analyses of the climate impacts of fossil fuel subsidy removal, is that nixing oil, gas, and coal subsidies would be a big win for the climate, would saves money, and could free up resources to help the poorest and most vulnerable.

Germany’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies Self Review Makes Mockery of Paris Climate Agreement

November 15, 2017By Alex DoukasBlog Post, Featured, Press Releases

Today, Germany quietly released the ‘German Report on the Phasing-Out of Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies,’ the country’s self-review as part of the G20 fossil fuel subsidies peer review process. Despite Germany’s rising fossil fuel subsidies, the review states that Germany plans to end only two subsidies, and claims that none of the other fossil fuel subsidies are ‘inefficient,’ supposedly putting them outside the G20 subsidies phase-out pledge.