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Factsheet: The Dirty Energy Money Cycle

The Dirty Energy Money Cycle: Fighting the Influence of the Fossil Fuel Industry

Oil Change International

April 2016


DEM FFS Factsheet

We have a problem. Money from the fossil fuel industry is flooding our democracy and it’s derailing climate action. In the 113th Congress alone, oil, gas, and coal interests gave over $42 million in “dirty energy money” to our Senators and Representatives – and spent $308 million on lobbying.

Since 2005, the fossil fuel industry’s combined lobbying and campaign contribution total comes to a staggering $1.7 billion.

Make no mistake, these campaign contributions and lobbying dollars are strategic investments meant to curry favor with decision makers.

The fossil fuel industry gets a huge return on the money it pumps into politics in the form of fossil fuel subsidies and friendly policies allowing the continuation of business as usual, despite the need for massive changes to our energy system.

This factsheet shines a light on the millions in campaign contributions made to our elected officials over the past 10 years and the billions in fossil fuel subsidies the industry gets in return.

Download the factsheet here.

Comments (4)

  1. This is an absolute disgrace, and the obvious reason why we have not moved more quickly to clean energy. Polling shows ALL Americans of every party support spending more money on clean energy and reducing fossil fuel use. Sadly, the fossil fuel industry owns our politicians — who are not “leaders” in any real sense of the word, but rather supplicants who do the bidding of the fossil fuel industry.

  2. Charity McBride says:

    This is unacceptable!!!

  3. Todd L says:

    Money must be taken out of politics. I don’t know how our elected officials have time to do anything. Listening to lobbyist and raising money for their campaigns is a full time job all on its own on top of the influence money has on their votes in the house and senate. Money does not equal free speech and just because you have a ton of dough shouldn’t sway the decisions of our policy makers.

  4. Diana Giaccardo says:


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