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Senate Finance Committee Awash in Campaign Cash from Big Oil

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For Immediate Release
May 12, 2011

Senate Finance Committee Awash in Campaign Cash from Big Oil
Committee Republicans take 4 times more oil money than Democrats, on average

As representatives of the biggest oil companies are called to testify in front of the Senate Finance Committee today about oil and gas tax subsidies and rising energy prices, environmental and campaign finance reform groups pointed to the millions of dollars Senators have received from oil and gas company donors and PACs since 1999.

Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee have taken, on average, $96,500 since 1999 in oil industry money.  Republicans over the same period have taken $384,600 on average – roughly four times more. In total, committee members have received $5.1 million in oil industry contributions since 1999.

“As everyday Americans are watching the price of a gallon of gas top four dollars, too many in Congress are looking to Big Oil for political money,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director for Public Campaign Action Fund. “Congress needs to end its addiction to big money from Big Oil and other special interests.”

“The vast majority of Americans support ending subsidies to the oil and gas industries,” said Steve Kretzmann, Executive Director of Oil Change International. “The reason it has not happened to date is that too many Members of Congress are too scared to bite the hands that feed them.”

The figures are based on Center for Responsive Politics data, presented at DirtyEnergyMoney.com That site is sponsored by a large and growing coalition calling for an end to subsidies to and campaign contributions from, the oil industry. The Dirty Energy Money coalition includes organizations such as the Sierra Club, Moveon.org, Credo Mobile, Public Campaign and Oil Change International.

Oil Industry Campaign Contributions to Senate Finance Committee since 1999
Further information available at DirtyEnergyMoney.com

Senator State/Party Total $ Info Page
John Cornyn R-TX $1,706,350 http://bit.ly/jheBHu
John Thune R-SD $437,312 http://bit.ly/mpZpj3
Tom Coburn R-OK $376,509 http://bit.ly/mkmwoy
Jeff Bingaman D-NM $310,735 http://bit.ly/jD98uj
Pat Roberts R-KS $298,200 http://bit.ly/jYXBIY
Max Baucus, Chairman D-MT $227,600 http://bit.ly/ki0A92
Chuck Grassley R-IA $219,300 http://bit.ly/m3OVJk
Jon Kyl R-AZ $215,949 http://bit.ly/j6nNdI
Michael B. Enzi R-WY $207,800 http://bit.ly/jfjQ6Y
Charles E. Schumer D-NY $175,718 http://bit.ly/ijukPO
Orrin G. Hatch, Ranking Member R-UT $164,150 http://bit.ly/kFrcDK
Mike Crapo R-ID $157,239 http://bit.ly/lxv7KD
Kent Conrad D-ND $114,200 http://bit.ly/jaEg4K
John D. Rockefeller IV D-WV $92,300 http://bit.ly/iFPdfI
Bill Nelson D-FL $67,467 http://bit.ly/iIMKta
Olympia J. Snowe R-ME $63,750 http://bit.ly/kbFDhZ
Thomas R. Carper D-DE $58,380 http://bit.ly/jxbrAx
Ron Wyden D-OR $51,264 http://bit.ly/knF95y
John F. Kerry D-MA $36,180 http://bit.ly/mvvDm8
Robert Menendez D-NJ $31,400 http://bit.ly/mJt9Ng
Debbie Stabenow D-MI $31,050 http://bit.ly/jnL3TQ
Maria Cantwell D-WA $30,900 http://bit.ly/j2SCoF
Benjamin L. Cardin D-MD $28,400 http://bit.ly/jdZBnd


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