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  • NATO’s New Frontier

    Iceland may be on the verge of a financial collapse but it may soon have another headache to deal with : being on the frontline of the new military and resource conflict of the Arctic. There is a going to be a rush to exploit the melting Arctic with shipping firms using new routes and...
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  • Despite the Crunch, Shell Makes $86 Million a Day

    We might be in the biggest recession since the 1930s, with thousands of people losing their jobs on a daily basis, but at least someone is still making money. Yesterday, Shell announced it had made the biggest UK annual profit in history, despite suffering its biggest drop in quarterly profits in a decade. 
  • Climate Change is “Irreversible”

    A US government-sponsored report has warned that many effects of climate change are already irreversible. Even if carbon emissions were somehow stopped now, global temperatures could remain high for 1,000 years, concluded the scientists. The report, sponsored by the US Department of Energy, appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • “The time for denial, delay and dispute is over”

    One by one the building blocks of Obama’s Presidency are taking place and the White House begins to take on a tinge of green. In yet another break from the disastrous Bush years, Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has appointed a special envoy on climate change. Clinton named the envoy as Todd Stern, a...
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  • Obama to Tighten Auto Fuel Efficiency Standards

    In another break from the failed Bush policies, today President Obama is expected to direct federal regulators to allow an application by California and 13 other states to set strict automobile emission and fuel efficiency standards. Known as the “Californian waiver” under the Clean Air Act, it would allow Californian and 13 others to set...
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  • Another “Warning Bell” for Obama

    Here is the second new piece of scientific evidence in two days that President Obama should take notice off. The first was news of warming in Antarctica, but today’s news is much closer to home. The majestic old-growth forests of western North America that stretch from Arizona to British Columbia are more vulnerable to climate...
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  • New Evidence that Antarctica is Warming

    As President Obama ploughs through his troublesome large in tray, his inaugural promise to “restore science to its rightful place” could be ringing in his ears with an added sense of urgency. One of his scientific advisors should show him a picture of Antarctica that has just been published that shows a red streak down...
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  • After the speech, we wait for action..

    So finally Bush has gone and Obama has arrived. For anyone watching yesterday’s inauguration, there was a real sense of history being made. But as Obama made his inauguration address, everyone was looking for clues as to what an Obama presidency will really mean in practice.
  • Bush’s Final “Bull-dozer” Stopped in its Tracks

    Millions of people will this afternoon stop what they are doing and watch President Obama’s inauguration. Whilst there is a real sense of history being made today, let’s not forget we should celebrate the end of eight disastrous years of the Bush Administration. Bush’s supporters have been out in force recently trying to attack his...
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  • Obama “Has Four Years” to Save the Planet

    As America prepares for one of the most momentous days in its history tomorrow, everyone admits that the time for celebration will be short, because the time for action is so urgent. Whilst the economy maybe Obama’s first priority, the need for action on climate is undoubtedly seriously pressing too.
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