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  • EP Passes End Oil Aid Resolution

    There has been a great victory for the global End Oil Aid Coalition. With a resounding majority (540 MEPs in favour), the European Parliament yesterday passed a resolution on trade and climate change which calls for “the discontinuation of public support, via export credit agencies and public investment banks, for fossil fuel projects”.
  • Iraq Oil Wrangles Continue…

    The wrangling over Iraq’s oil reserves continues, with no sign of the controversial Iraqi Oil Law being passed. The Kurdish regional government’s oil deals with foreign companies drew sharp criticism yesterday in the Iraqi parliament, with some lawmakers saying the contracts set a dangerous precedent for the future of Iraq’s vast oil industry.
  • Business Leaders Call for Climate Action

    One hundred and fifty global business leaders have called for a legally-binding and comprehensive international deal on climate change. The statement – backed by Prince Charles – will be sent to environment ministers and heads of state ahead of talks in Bali on climate change next week.
  • PetroCanada Backs Oil Sands Despite Royalty Increases

    Higher royalties in Alberta will not hurt the “overall viability” of Petro-Canada oil sands projects, but some planned investment in conventional oil and gas in the province will be affected, CEO Ron Brenneman said yesterday. “At least at this point [the oil sands] still look like pretty solid projects and I think that’s because for...
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  • Saudi Holds 200 Over Foiled Oil Attack

    Saudi Arabia says it has arrested 208 militants for involvement in cells planning an imminent attack on an oil installation, as well as attacks on clerics and security forces. State television in the world’s biggest oil exporter said one of the cells was planning to smuggle in missiles. Al Qaeda sympathizers have mounted a campaign...
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  • From Ageing Rocker to Green Minister

    How things are changing in Australia. Former Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett has been appointed environment minister by Australian Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd. Rudd, who has not yet taken office, has targeted the environment one of his top three priorities, along with the Australian economy and its education system. Garrett, who had an international...
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  • Poorest Suffering Most from “Climate Shocks”

    The most hard hitting UN report on climate change has concluded it is a reality for many of the world’s poorest people. A catalogue of the “climate shocks” that have already hit the world is set out in the Human Development Report 2007/08. Fewer than two per cent of these have affected rich countries.
  • Google Goes Green

    Internet search company Google yesterday committed hundreds of millions of dollars to renewable energy projects. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google co-founders, announced its initiative to produce electricity from renewable energy sources rather than coal. Mr Page said: “Our goal is to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy capacity [enough to power San Francisco] that...
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  • When Fuel and Politics Mix

    Interesting article in today’s New York Times about the differing Democratic and Republican long-term approaches to energy policy. “Over the next decade or two, the differences could have a major effect on billions of dollars in government spending, on the relative prices of gasoline versus renewable fuels and on the efficiency of American cars and...
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  • Canada’s Stephen Harper Is An “Eco-Criminal”

    Although one dinosaur Commonwealth leader, John Howard of Australia has thankfully been confined to history, there are others out there still grazing happily. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been called “a saboteur” and “environmental criminal” for refusing to sign up to a climate deal at the Commonwealth meeting in Africa. Harper, was also condemned...
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