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Tories Back Taxes on Flights

The leader of the UK Conservatives, David Cameron is set propose a number of green taxes, including the imposition of VAT on aviation fuel on domestic flights and a new airline passenger tax linked to the carbon efficiency of the flight.

The Conservative party’s quality of life report, chaired by ex-Minister John Gummer, and Zac Goldsmith, will also propose a moratorium on road building, as well as call for a review on whether to build further airport runways.

The Quality of Life Group said it was “illogical” cars and trains were taxed more than flights, adding the UK should be a “world leader on green growth”. It wants to suspend airport expansion, claiming this is “incompatible with a commitment to fighting climate change”.

The findings, which will be published later today, are not binding on the party. So you know what that means…..


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