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Exposing the true costs of fossil fuels

Oil Change International is a research, communication, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the coming transition towards clean energy. The production and consumption of oil, gas, and coal are major sources of global warming, human rights abuses, war, national security concerns, corporate globalization, and increased inequality.


  • C: Gage Skidmore

    Hey “Polluting Pruitt” – What Are you Trying to Hide?

    Later today, Scott “Polluting Pruitt” could be confirmed as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, after a vote in the Senate. The fact that Pruitt, a man who has sued the EPA fourteen times, could be even considered for the job is a scandal. But it gets worse.

  • Photo credit: Jannes Stoppel, Greenpeace

    On his first diplomatic outing, climate-denying Rex Tillerson got trolled

    In his first outing as Secretary of State, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson may have been quiet, but the world’s climate leaders were not. Ahead of the G20 meeting of foreign ministers, hosted by Germany in Bonn, German government officials didn’t mince words: “You can’t fight climate change by putting up barbed wire,” said Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, a not-so-thinly veiled swipe at Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump’s climate denial, and the Trump Administration’s racist immigration policies.

  • NoPipelineSign

    FERC Alternative Climate Facts Exposed

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has been using alternative facts to assess the climate impact of gas pipelines. We set the record straight with new briefings on the impact of the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines.

  • acp-cover

    New analysis: Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines are Climate Disasters

    Two studies released today find that if built, the controversial Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines would together contribute as much greenhouse gas pollution as 45 coal-fired power plants — some 158 million metric tons a year.

  • C: Joe Brusky

    DAPL “Could be Operational Within 30 Days” After Legal Setback

    Yesterday, a federal judge refused to issue a temporary injunction against construction of the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The latest setback for the First Nations fighting the pipeline means that it could be “operational in as little as 30 days”, according to a lawyer for the company building it, Energy Transfer Partners.

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