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Exposing the true costs of fossil fuels

Oil Change International is a research, communication, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the coming transition towards clean energy. The production and consumption of oil, gas, and coal are major sources of global warming, human rights abuses, war, national security concerns, corporate globalization, and increased inequality.


  • Press Release: New Report Details Climate Threat of Proposed U.S. Natural Gas Expansion

    A new report out from Oil Change International, in partnership with 11 other local, regional, and national organizations, shows that current projections for U.S. natural gas production – fueled by a boom in the Appalachian Basin – will lock in enough carbon to bust through agreed climate goals.

  • EIABadges

    EIA AEO is DOA

    Today was supposed to be the official launch of the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). Just a few hours ago the EIA’s site stated that it would be released today, but apparently among the things that EIA can’t predict is the launch date for it’s big annual report. When it is published, now supposedly at the “end of July”, this report should contain the kind of hard data that energy regulators and investors desperately need to gain an accurate picture of energy in the United States today, and for the next 50 years. Except it won’t.

  • climate

    Hottest Ever June is 14th Consecutive Month That Records Have Been Broken

    As Washington and London swelter in the mid-Summer heat, it has been confirmed that our record breaking weather continues with June being the hottest ever on record.

  • tiny-fracking-protestor

    Chemical Giant, Ineos, Plans 30 Frack Wells in UK Within Months

    It will become a defining battle of our times. A Brexit-supporting billionaire, who until recently lived as a tax-exile in Switzerland, versus the people of Britain. And the battle will be over fracking.

  • Berman-e1468512758748

    Tar Sands Advisory Panel Formed Amid Controversy

    After the Canadian province of Alberta announced last week that it was establishing an “Oil Sands Advisory Group” (OSAG), to advise the government on the tar sands aspects of its Climate Leadership Plan it immediately caused an out-cry from opposition groups and some parts of the oil industry.

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